The brand was born in Barcelona by Paco, a gentleman who has a wealth of experience in the high end optical industry for over 40 years, who was inspired by the city’s DNA.   Barcelona is a city full of contrasts in perfect balance; a dynamic city that inspires every one of their shapes and colours bringing durability, comfort and beauty to every design.

Each model is made from the material that best responds to the demands of the design.  Whether it be aluminium, steel or titanium; special techniques with acetates like Xtra-thin or unique handmade Japanese acetates, to new innovative materials like Tecnomol; quality German carbon and titanium hinges are used together with some Italian hinges throughout the collection, adding to the precise detail in the finished product.

One thing is clear – Zen create unique eyewear with different shapes and innovative materials and colours bringing together an up-to-the-minute collection that is different yet wearable.



All Zen models are designed and created entirely in Barcelona, a process that can take up to 6 months and results in special and unique designs.


At Zen Barcelona we work with different materials, either individually or combined, that enable us to innovate in design and incorporate the properties of each material.


The design is revised at each stage of the process, from the first sketch to the final prototype because every model we produce must meet our standards of excellence.


Our commitment to offering new materials, combinations and techniques year after year requires ongoing research, hence our collaboration with a Spanish University’s department of innovation and development of new materials.



Limited edition handmade Japanese acetates with German carbon hinges and aluminium

  • This collection has taken 3 years of extreme dedication to every detail in order to perfect the process from concept to production.
  • Paco works in close association with an acetate factory in Japan to produce exclusive and unique handmade frames solely for Zen.
  • The frames are made from pure cotton fibre that is extracted from the plant before it is transformed into acetate and then created into lightweight frames.
  • The addition of high-density natural pigments to the mass of cotton fibres creates the smooth, highly transparent coloured sheets used to make the OSAKA collection creating a unique combination of colours exclusive to Zen Barcelona.
  • Each plate is individually hand polished with natural waxes and clays creating unique finishes thereby ensuring that each frame is one of a kind.
  • Quality German carbon hinges are used on the full acetate models;  combination models with aluminium use quality German titanium hinges.
  • Its clever design makes it particularly useful for high prescriptions.
  • Strict standards of excellence are applied throughout the process.


the eyewear of tomorrow based on a revolutionary material that combine transparency and colour

  • Inspired by the idea of “invisible spectacles
  • Designers used transparent “tecnomol” combined with monochrome steel
  • Technologically advanced – A mouldable smart laminated polyamide with Italian hinges.
  • Each design features a coloured steel core that improves durability and creates a unique model.
  • Simple glazing with gentle heat.
  • No alcohol to be used when cleaning this type of frame.
  • Easily adjusted with gentle heat.


extremely lightweight frames in imaginative, colourful and bold designs

  • Laminated acetate reinforced with an ultrathin and flexible internal stainless steel skeleton finished with Italian stainless steel hinges.
  • This process is created by
  • Extremely comfortable to wear due to its lightweight material.
  • Maintaining the brands standards of quality, strength and durability.
  • To use gentle heat for glazing and adjustments


Hypoallergenic, lightweight vintage yet modern series made from a combination of ‘Max Damascus’ steel with TR55 rims

Using 3 times more carbon steel than usual stainless steel with its structure composed of nanotubes, compressing these 3 layers then repeating the process 8 times, makes these frames stronger and more flexible. Click here the process of how Damascus steel is made

  • No welding or screws – the lens shape is all one piece.
  • Extremely lightweight yet strong.
  • Combined with TR 55 rims to support the lens shape whilst introducing colour and making it more interesting.
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • 100% adaptable
  • Pantascopic angles can be easily adjusted by hand without the need for heat.
  • Lenses are mounted cut and shaped as per TR 55 frames, without heat and applying pressure.
  • Gentle heat can be used to adjust the acetate tips.
  • No alcohol to be used when cleaning this type of frame.


for models that have the touch, look and purity of wood whilst minimising the disadvantages.

  • Capturing the purity of the wood grain with its spontaneous symmetry and clean lines
  • Each model combines the advantages of acetate with the romantic touch and look of wood.
  • Beauty, functionality and durability


vintage frames created for those who appreciate the beauty and simplicity of going back to basics.

  • Clean lines based on rationality and inspired by classic designs in stainless steel with thin acetate temples but cleverly combined to achieve some flexibility when taking the frame on and off.
  • Perfect combination of craftsmanship and design with attention to detail.
  • Ideal for high prescriptions due to its clever design.
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.


elegance and  functional beauty.

  • High quality Italian Mazzucchelli acetates are used throughout the collection.
  • Some models feature combinations of aluminium and acetate finished with quality German titanium hinges
  • Other models feature combinations of stainless steel and acetate with Italian quality hinges.
  • Special Laser engraved details enhance some models.