Colourful and on-trend designs for all ages and faces.

The Vulkan range boasts designer fashion looks without the price tag. Suitable for all ages from teens to 80+ years, the German brand offers on-trend, stylish designs in vibrant colour combinations for the more adventurous, alongside subtle interpretations of current trends.

Vulkan also occupies a niche position as the preferred choice for customers with petite faces who struggle to find glasses that are both en vogue and flattering, allowing them to find the perfect optical fit.

Metals and acetates are used as the core materials within the range – with the brand going the extra mile by providing EPNS coating on all metal frames to prevent nickel release under normal wear and tear conditions.

As part of our after-care service, parts are available in our warehouse for up to three years, so can be despatched within 24 hours (subject to availability). An additional two-years is available on parts, via Germany, giving customers a five-year back-up service in total.